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our mission

If they spend our taxes, we have the right to see their budgets. From states to cities to public corporations, our mission is to visualize the budget of every public institution in the world.

Our money
We give the state 30%-50% of our hard-earned income in tax every year
No secret
Public spending is no secret; we have the right to know where our taxes go
Fix “open data”
From confusing jargon to perplexing .gov websites, we need a better way to read public budgets
Rationalise the world
Rationalise politics, debunk fake news, pierce filter bubbles and expose corruption

Would you like to see your state or city budget visualized too? Do you have public spending data you would like to share with others?

We are building a wiki platform open for all public budgets of the world, but we cannot do this without your help. If you really want to see a change in this world, please donate as little as $2 per month to our Patreon account.

about us

We are IT professionals with a big dream - to live in a world that is slightly more rational, in a world where voters make informed decisions based on data that is easy to access and understand.

founder portrait
Daniel Sedlacek
founder portrait
Wojciech Piekutowski